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The earth is an extraordinary planet that shelters many biotic and abiotic creatures.  Biotic means all living things. For example, humans, animals, plants, and microorganisms. Several abiotic factors include rocks, the sun, water, and soil. Although these two terms are seeming opposites of each other, both biotic and abiotic things rely on each other to survive. For example, some living animals rely on abiotic things, such as rocks for shelter. Both factors are important to the food chain. If a certain species died out due to lack of abiotic resources, then the whole food chain would be disturbed. Prospect Park is the perfect place to see these two groups co-exist.  Red Tailed Hawks soar gracefully through the sky seeking food. Their main source of energy includes mice. Mice frolic through the grass. The grass is eaten by the mice, and the grass receives its energy to grow from the sun. Everything in the food chain is balanced.   There is also water, dirt, minerals, and sun that influence these abiotic factors.   




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