223-225 Portsea Street New Haven, CT 06519

New Haven


CareWays Shelter

Non-youth specializing.
CareWays Shelter provides housing for women with children, including pregnant women (who already have other children with them when they enter the shelter).  Shelter provides food, clothing, advocacy and support services for their clients.
There are 33 spaces, 10 reserved for women and their children. 

Residents must be literally homeless (no where else to go but shelter); or imminently at risk of becoming homeless (being evicted with no other place to go). They must be at least 18 years of age or an emancipated minor, and be able function appropriately within the group living facility. Must remain drug-free upon acceptance into the program, abide by program rules, obtain and maintain appropriate medical care, formulate, understand and sign action plan(s) along with the shelter staff and other service providers.

Each resident is assigned a case manager upon admission who assists them on a variety of social and life issues including: housing, employment, problems with medical insurance, DSS, financial assistance, budgeting and money management, and their own personal issues or concerns that may include but are not limited to mental health or substance abuse. 

Takes DSS referrals, self-referrals and/or referrals from social service professionals in the community; referring agency must submit a completed referral form prior to intake. Intake hours M-F: 9am-5pm.




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