559 Howard Avenue New Haven, CT 06519

New Haven


Martha's Place

Non-youth specializing.
Women in Crisis (WINC), recently re-named Martha’s Place, houses single women and also accommodates three families. The Martha’s Place shelter is a voluntary-length-of-stay program. 
The shelters offers 24 beds (18 singles/3 families) for women to use for an initial 60 days minimum, with three extensions per stay of up to 5 months. Staff conduct a basic needs assessment to all women and have a 24-hour on call crisis line.
All adult residents receive intensive case management services throughout their stay. Each resident is assigned a case manager upon admission and the case manager assists them on a variety of social and life issues including: housing, employment, problems with medical insurance, DSS, financial assistance, budgeting and money management, and their own personal issues or concerns that may include but are not limited to mental health or substance abuse. 
Must be 18 or over.
Self-referral or provider-referred.




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