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Housing Plus Services, Health

Greater Bridgeport Area Prevention Program (GBAPP, gee-bap) provides direct service programs for targeted communities working to reduce teen pregnancy, reduce the spread of HIV, increase access to care and support services, enhance positive relationships, and promote personal responsibility among youth and young adults. GBAPP provides supportive housing (including a state-funded Community Housing Assistance Program), parent eduction, and a Teen Fathers program for pregnant/parenting teens. They also offer outreach, education, testing and treatment for substance abuse and HIV prevention, targeted toward minority youth ages 12-24.
Mi Casa/My Home is one of the two licensed maternity homes in the state, and the only one in Fairfield and New Haven Counties. The program is staffed 24 hours a day and provides a safe environment for teen moms and their children with the goal to foster personal growth, independent living and motherhood.  The “second chance home” holds up to seven pregnant and parenting teens and up to seven infants at one time. 

Housing for Success opened in November 2007 to provide supportive housing for parenting and non-parenting teens ages 16-21. Staffed 24 hours a day, the program goal is to foster education and vocational skills while promoting personal growth and responsible independent living skills.

CHAP is a semi-supervised subsidized housing component within the DCF continuum of care for youth transitioning from foster care or group home settings. The CHAP youth are ready for less supervision and more independence, thus the goal of this program is to increase competence, self-reliance and self-sufficiency as youth transition into the least restricted out of home placement within the DCF system.

The Teen Fathers Program serves both DCF-involved and community youth, in order to help non-custodial adolescent fathers connect with their child in a healthy and productive manner; model and teach them how to be involved in the child-rearing process; to continue their education on the secondary level and encourage post-secondary or vocational pursuits. GBAPP is the only program working with teen fathers among the ten (10) programs to receive the Connecticut State Department of Social Services Fatherhood Program Certification in 2010.

The Bridgeport Partners For Teens provides substance abuse treatment and HIV/AIDS services for youth ages 12-17, targeting African-American and Hispanic communities affected by the epidemics of substance abuse and HIV/AIDS.

The Sister and Brother Prevention Project aims to prevent HIV, early pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases in a population of youth, ages 15-24.

The Odyssey Project aims to provide outreach and substance abuse and HIV risk reduction education, as well as provide referrals/linkages to primary medical care, mental health, substance abuse care and other needed support services for minority young adults age 18-24.




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