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South Park Inn
Non-youth specializing

This is a multi-service agency with a continuum of care housing system for adults.


Street Outreach

South Park Inn conducts weekly outreach efforts to seek out homeless people sleeping under bridges, overpasses, by the Connecticut River, in the woods, and other out-of-the-way places. Staff approach people living outdoors, most of whom are chronically homeless and either mentally ill or substance abusers, or both, and who are leery of the “system” and unwilling or afraid to come into a shelter. South Park Inn provides simple bag lunches, blankets and other essential items for distribution to those in need.



The shelter houses up to 85 men, women and children per day, 365 days per year. The shelter is staffed 24 hours per day with Direct Care Counselors that provide guidance, support, supervision and security. Individual Service Coordinators meet with each client and arrange for support services, refer clients to appropriate programs, provide encouragement, and assist in finding housing.

A number of services are available on site such as a health clinic for physical, dental and mental health screening. Several Alcoholics Anonymous and substance abuse support groups are held weekly and a variety of optional religious services, health presentations and other events are also presented.

Clients are provided with access to transportation, personal hygiene supplies, and, when possible, items needed for successful relocation to their own housing.


Transitional Living

This program accommodates up to 33 homeless men who are motivated to make substantive changes in their lives. Participants come from the shelter, the streets or other similar programs and can stay for up to 2 years while they pursue their goals. A Service Coordinator works with each resident to develop three or four goals which most often center around obtaining or increasing income, seeking or continuing treatment for mental or physical illness, substance abuse treatment or increasing education or training.

Supportive Housing - Plimpton House

Plimpton House, located at 847 Asylum Avenue, is a licensed rooming house that provides housing for up to 35 adults.  As a congregate facility, Plimpton House provides residents with a community living environment that facilitates their independence.


Residents share rooms, eat meals together, and assume responsibility for the daily chores of maintaining the residence. Residents have ample room to integrate their own possessions into the house, which encourages “pride of place."  Some residents are employed while others, who are retired or disabled, contribute to upkeep of the house.


Staff are on site 24 hours a day to provide limited assistance to residents with referrals to support services, security and building management. 




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