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New Haven


CCA - Stepping Stone TLP
Non-youth specializing.

This agency has an emergency shelter, food pantry and children's program in addition to its transitional living program.

Stepping Stone Transitional Housing Program

Stepping Stone is a comprehensive transitional housing program, accommodating 18 families in a single site housing complex. Residents may stay for up to 24 months in a furnished apartment based on their family size. Families throughout the Greater New Haven area who are homeless or at risk of homelessness are eligible for the Stepping Stone program. This includes two parents, one parent, male or female headed households.

The goal of the program is to offer families case management services in a safe, supportive environment that foster the growth and increases the self-sufficiency of each family member.


While at Stepping Stone, family moves through phases of increased commitments, responsibility and self-sufficiency attending school, traing programs, budgeting workshops etc. Each resident works with a case manager to develop a comprehensive, Family Service Plan. The Family Service Plan will be the road map to ensure resident’s success as they focus on individual and family goals. Throughout their time living at Stepping Stone, residents participate in the many supportive services offered to them. These promote personal responsibility, commitment and increased autonomy in the decision-making process. Following Graduation, residents are still eligible for up to six months of follow-up serves at SSTHP.

Such services are:

  • Job oriented life skill training
  • Parenting education
  • Income/budget training
  • Computer training
  • Self actualization workshops
  • Childcare for workshops
  • After school programs
  • Family activiities




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