100 Roscommon Dr, Ste. 203 Middletown CT 06457


Housing Plus Services

The Connection offers an array of human service and community development programs, including: child welfare-focused case management and supportive housing for children; supportive housing programs for single adults with histories of chronic mental health issues and homelessness; youth and young family support programs; and several women and children’s centers where young mothers can receive the help they need to be successful, independent parents.
The Start Program for Young Adults provides former foster youth ages 18–24 with temporary rental assistance and intensive support services aimed at assisting the youth in transitioning to self-sufficiency. The young adults are housed in scattered site apartments, and receive weekly case management services designed to increase skills development in the areas of life skills, financial literacy and education/employment. Program services include: Temporary Housing subsidy and/or rental housing assistance; intensive case management services; financial literacy skill development; life skill development; educational/vocational support; referrals, advocacy, crisis intervention and counseling services. Also accepts pregnant/parenting young people, who are linked with Birth-to-Three and Head Start programs for additional support. 




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