"resiliency" "climate change" "storm surge"


Resilience means being able to endure change or damage and emerging intact or stronger than before. In the climate change realm, resilience refers to building and constructing/remodeling cities so that they can withstand the effects of climate change. In the wake of hurricane Sandy, New York is implementing many physical resiliency plans such as higher foundations for houses, moving important electrical equipment to higher floors, and examining the cities many coastlines for possible plans to combat sea level rise. In addition to physical resiliency there is also an aspect of social resiliency. New York is an area full of tight-knit communities and in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, many banded together to rebuild and emerged stronger than before.  In June 2013, Mayor Bloomberg released a plan entitled “A Stronger More Resilient New York” which addressed many different aspects of resiliency.  This plan will be instrumental in further steps to make NYC resilient to climate change.  




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