City of El Monte California

El Monte

"El Monte" "San Gabriel Valley" "El Monte Operable Unit"

Contamination extends in varying degrees around the city of El Monte.  Following is the list of 67 parties sued by the EPA as Potentially Responsible Parties:

     1.  Aerojet-General Corporation
     2.  Aircraft Stamping Co., Inc.
     3.  Allee Trust
     4.  Allegheny Technology, Inc.
     5.  Andruss Family Trust
     6.  APW North America Inc.
     7.  Artistic Polishing and Plating, Inc.
     8.  Astro Seal, Inc.
     9.  Barbee Trust
     10. Cardinal Industrial Finishes
     11. David Chau
     12. Cynthia Chau
     13. Chemrite Corporation
     14. Chevron Research and Technology Co.
     15. Clamp Manufacturing Co., Inc.
     16. Roy A. Clayton Trust
     17. CraneVeyor Corp.
     18. Richard D'Epifanio
     19. Del Mar Metal Finishing
     20. Del Ray Industrial Enterprises, Inc.
     21. Durham Transportation, Inc.
     22. Eagle Metal Finishing Co., Inc.
     23. Earl Butler & Associates, Inc.
     24. Eemus Manufacturing Corp.
     25. Franzen Trust
     26. International Medication Systems, Ltd.
     27. J.A.B. Holdings, Inc.
     28. JCI Environmental Services
     29. Jebbia Trust
     30. Kawie Trust
     31. Bruce and Gloria Kessler Family Trust/Trust Fund B
     32. L.E. Tepfer Co., Inc.
     33. La Victoria Foods, Inc.
     34. Tan Lam
     35. Lee Pharmaceuticals
     36. The Linderman Living Trust
     37. M&T Company
     38. Mammoet Western, Inc.
     39. Manufacturer's Service, Inc.
     40. Manufacturers Development
     41. Marge Carson, Inc.
     42. Edith O. Nelson Revocable Trust
     43. Nelson Technical Coatings, Inc.
     44. Newair Inc.
     45. One Dollar Cleaner
     46. Pacific Coast Drum Company
     47. Palmer Battery Company
     48. Plastic Dress-Up Company
     49. Plastic Engineered Components Inc. dba L.A. Die Mold, Inc.
     50. Prime Engineering
     51. Quaker Chemical Corporation
     52. Roc-Aire Corp.
     53. Mary A. Rockenbach Trust
     54. Seachrome Corporation
     55. Servex, Inc.
     56. Smittybilt, Inc.
     57. Southern California Edison Company
     58. TDY Industries, Inc.
     59. Time Realty Investments, Inc.
     60. Tonks Properties
     61. Don Tonks
     62. Roy Tonks
     63. Tri-Fitting Manufacturing Co.
     64. Vanderbosch Family Trust
     65. Waymire Drum Company, Inc. dba Cooper Drum Co.
     66. West Coast Metal Finishing, Inc.
     67. Jack Barry Zwahlen Family Trust

The contaminated areas underlie significant portions of the San Gabriel Valley and the cities of Alhambra, Arcadia, Azusa, Baldwin Park, Industry, Irwindale, El Monte, La Puente, Monrovia, Rosemead, South El Monte, and West Covina. These have been divided into the following Operable Units: Alhambra (Area 3), Baldwin Park, El Monte, South El Monte, Puente Valley, and Whittier Narrows.

The San Gabriel Valley, California, El Monte Operable Unit (Area 1) is a ground water plume that runs along the axis of the Rio Hondo Wash and the Salt Pit Wash in the San Gabriel ground water basin in El Monte, Los Angeles County, California. The plume also parallels the San Gabriel River to the east. It is approximately 4 miles long and 1.5 miles wide. Some of the detected contaminants include: perchlorate (used in solid rocket fuel), hexavalent chromium (used in metal plating), N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA - found in liquid rocket fuel), 1,4-dioxane (a stabilizer in chlorinated solvents), trichloroethylene (TCE), perchloroethylene (PCE), and other chlorinated solvents.




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