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Sound Community Services

This agency has a variety of services for adult and young adults with behavioral management needs, including residential services and case management.
The Young Adult Services Program (YAS) is a transitional residential program for individuals who will benefit in their recovery from the assistance and support of on-site staff 24 hours a day.

The goal of this program is to assist clients to obtain the skills needed to further their recovery and to live independently in the community. Clients begin preparing for their discharge from YAS immediately upon admission, working on goals to prepare them to move into their own apartment with needed supports such as a Case Manager.

YAS is not designed to provide a permanent residence for clients. Length of stay in the YAS program is at the discretion of the Residential Management Team and the YAS/SMHA treatment team and will depend on individual need, abilities, and progress with recovery plans. YAS residents are encouraged to engage in the Positive Rewards program. This program links the completion of activities with positive reinforcement.

Activities can include participation in OASIS, MIRP, vocational or educational programs, community volunteering, AA/NA programs, etc. Natural supports, such as family members, mentors, AA sponsors, healthy friendships, etc. are encouraged.

 All referrals come from the Office of the Commissioner (OOC) which then are funneled to SMHA and SCSI.




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