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Global Kids Online Leadership Program
Global Kids is excited to announce that NYC Haunts -- our signature program where youth create a mobile, augmented reality game exploring local history and contemporary issues -- blasted out to three more locations in the Summer of 2014! Hive partner organizations included the Brooklyn Museum of ArtExposure Camp, and The Point.

At the Brooklyn Museum, students ticked off the last tasks on the "burn-down" to-do list and unveiled "Helen's Treasures," a spooky tour of the visible storage exhibit that requires players to choose objects from the gallery based on close observation in order to reunite the ghost of a teen girl with her cherished objects and learn the story behind her death.


Olivier, presenting the flowchart and prototyping part of the design process on the last day of the program.


Rita and Rig watch a museum educator playtest Helen's Treasures. Some feedback relayed to the youth game designers included keeping in mind how audiences of younger kids might experience the game differently.


Massimo observes the museum educators as they search for Helen's missing spoon, following a clue about a wavy pattern on the spoon's "scoop."

To play the game created at this site, download the TaleBlazer app on your mobile device and type in the following game code: gcibufq
You can copy or remix this game at this page:
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