Between Smith St. and the Gowanus Canal and 5th St. and Huntington St., Brooklyn, NY 11218


"manufactured gas plant" brownfield cement "vapor intrusion"

Vichar, Inc./Harvic International, Ltd. and the City of New York

This property is slated to be redeveloped as "Public Place", a mixed use development that will include residential, retail, and open space.  However, with the market for luxury condos in NYC tanking and a federal Superfund listing for the Gowanus Canal on the horizon, the future devlopment of this site is uncertain.

Site Description[2] 
A new Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP) application was recently submitted by the City of New York, Brooklyn Union Gas Co. (National Grid), Vicar, Inc., and Harvic Int'l Ltd. for the 10.3-acre Carroll Gardens/Public Place Site. The site was used as a Manufactured Gas Plant for approximately 100 years by the Citizens Gas Company and the Brooklyn Union Gas Company, form the 1860s to the early 1960s. The site is comprised of four parcels and is bounded by Smith Street, 5th Street, Huntington Street, and the Gowanus Canal. The largest parcel is vacant and owned the city of NY. A concrete plant and a warehouse are located on the remaining two parcels. The fourth is far less contaminated and currently houses a trucking company. The principal contaminant is coal tar, which is present as a NAPL throughout the portion of the site that borders the canal. Active coal tar seeps are found in two locations along the canal; under extreme low tide conditions, these seeps can cover a several hundred-foot reach of the canal with slicks and sheens. Other contaminants listed are petroleum, chlorinated solvents, SVOCs, metals, pesticides, PCBs, cyanide, and other VOCs. These contaminants are impacting the soil, groundwater and soil gas. The remediation project will include shallow excavation, structure removal, and construction of a barrier wall to halt the potential flow of the tar into the Gowanus Canal. This BCP Application is currently under review to determine its eligibility.

Site Environmental Assessment
The site is substantially contaminated with MGP residuals, including coal tar and petroleum products. Contamination is present to at least 120 feet below grade and has been observed migrating off-site at depth. The nearest environmental receptor is the Gowanus Canal, which is likely being impacted by ongoing discharges from the site. A new BCP Application was recently submitted by the City of New York and KeySpan Energy to conduct a major remediation project which will include construction of a barrier wall to halt the potential flow of MGP contaminants into the Gowanus Canal. Information submitted with this BCP application regarding the environmental conditions at the site are currently under review and will be revised as additional information becomes available.

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