220 Water Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201


brownfield "vapor intrusion" VOCs SSDS

Maret Realty Co.
Site Description[1]
The site is bounded by Front St., Bridge St., and Water St. on the south, east and north, respectively. A vacant lot and another building are immediately west of the site. The entire site, with the exception of sidewalks, is covered by a five-story building. Over the years the site has been the home of several industries/businesses, as well as several artist studios/residences. In the last two years, the largest of the industries left the building, leaving only artist's lofts and home businesses. The second and third floors of this five-story structure are mostly vacant. The site is located in a mixed commercial/industrial zone; however, several buildings in the area have been converted to residential loft apartments. The site was formerly the location of Union White Lead Works until approximately 1904. This smelting operation is thought to be the source of lead found on-site. The building was demolished in the early 1900's and replaced by the structure that exists today. More current uses included a PVC products manufacturer which is known to have used paints and solvents in its process. The Remedial Action Work Plan was approved on May 16, 2008. Construction is to begin in the summer of 2008.

Site Environmental Assessment
This site was the former location of a lead smelting operation. Lead contamination in soils has been detected in site soils. Groundwater is contaminated with VOCs both upgradient and downgradient of the site. This is not believed to be necessarily site-related, however, it is apparently causing a vapor intrusion problem.

Site Health Assessment
The existing on-site building occupies the entire site and is being converted into residential housing. The public is not expected to come in contact with any soil contamination remaining on-site since it is located in areas not accessible by the public and managed through a site management plan. Exposures to contaminated groundwater are not expected because public water serves the area residents from the New York City public drinking water system. The operation of a depressurization system below the slab of the building will prevent vapor intrusion from occurring within the structure.

Contaminants of Concern
Type of Contamination Quantity

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