City Hall, 550 Main Street, Room 305, Hartford, CT 06103



With a specific focus on coordination, accountability, capacity building, and strategic partnerships, Youth Services Division works with key public, private, and community stakeholders to ensure that Hartford’s youth age nine to twenty-four have quality opportunities to develop the competencies critical to academic success and future self sufficiency.

Youth Intervention

  • Peacebuilders 
  • JRB - Juvenile Review Board 
  • Summer Youth Employment and Learning Programs
  • Opportunity High School

 Youth Development

  • Community Schools 
  • City Of Hartford Internship Program
  • Youth Service Bureau Programs
  • Summer Youth Employment and Learning Programs
  • Summer Enrichment

 Accountability & Capacity Building

  • Youth Development Practitioners Academy (YDPA )
  • Middle Management Training and CEY
  • Hartford Connects II
Trish Moylan Torruella - Assistant Dir. Dept. of Families, Children, Youth & Recreation 




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