430 Carroll St. and 153 2nd St., Brooklyn, NY 11217


brownfield "vapor intrusion" VOCs

Leviev Boymelgreen, a major Israel-based developer, bought this building on a 2.4 acre lot and renamed it "Gowanus Village" in 2004.
Site Description[1]
The property is a 2.9 acre site located along the eastern side of the Gowanus Canal at 153 2nd St. A 24,200 square foot, three story structure occupies the eastern portion of the site. The remainder of the site is vacant and paved.  This property joined NYSDEC's Brownfield Cleanup Program in 2004.  The property, renamed “Gowanus Village,” was previoulsy home to a  power plant owned by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Over the past two decades it became a favorite spot for graffiti writers and squatters who called it the "Bat Cave.”[2]  

The developer planned to create 300 new luxury apartments along the banks of the Gowanus Canal but when the the real estate market dropped in 2007 the plans were abandoned. In 2008, the property went back on the market. It has been closed up and remains neglected.

Site Environmental Assessment
A Phase 2 investigation detected PCBs in two soil samples. A remedial investigation was performed on the site during early 2007. DEC is currently reviewing the draft RI report.

Site Health Assessment

Exposures to contaminated groundwater are not expected because the area is served by public water. Soils are contaminated with volatile organic compounds and PCBs but exposures to this media are not expected because the site is capped with asphalt. NYSDOH and NYSDEC will evaluate the need for additional investigations to determine the potential for soil vapor intrusion into structures on or near the site.
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