15 Berkshire Road, Sandy Hook, CT 06482




  • Children of the Force
  • Siblings with Disabilities Workshop
  • FUSION (Peer Mentoring)
  • Job Bank
  • Homework Club
  • Partnership for Success Grant



LIST (Local Implementation Service Team):

NYFS co-facilities with Danbury Youth Services the Danbury Superior Court area LIST. Long term goals of this endeavor are:

  • Assist the juvenile justice system in identifying services, supports and opportunities for court-involved children and youth in their communities.
  • Raise local community awareness about the needs of children and youth served by the juvenile justice system.
  • Generate additional resources for at-risk and court-involved children and youth.
  • Make recommendations to improve the juvenile justice system.
  • Encourage collaborative efforts among local stakeholders for assessing the physical, social, behavioral and educational needs of children and youth in their respective communities that lead to juvenile justice involvement and assist in the development of comprehensive plans to address such needs.
  • Encourage the use of evidence-based approaches and programs to support positive youth development.


Candice Bohr - Executive Director: 203-270-4335

Kaitlyn Johnson - Community Coordinator

Jill Pluta - Clinical Director




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