949 Bridgeport Avenue Milford, CT 06460


pscyh or complex needs

This is one of 13 programs around the state funded by DHMAS to provide a variety of transitional support servivces to youth 18-25, affected by major mental illness or traumatic events.  Most youth are referred by DCF and are assessed for eligibility before they turn 18. Youth ican refuse services but re-enter at any time. Housing ranges from short-term subsidized apartments to supervised homes.

Services Offered:

  • Assistance in choosing and maintaining safe, stable and affordable housing;
  • Assistance with entitlements, budgeting, developing a credit history
  • Assistance with transportation
  • Advocacy/empowerment
  • Instruction and development of daily living skills
  • Support in choosing and utilizing opportunities for recreational, cultural, and spiritual experiences
  • Assistance with food purchasing and preparation
  • Establishing and maintaining adequate utilities
  • Helping clients reach individual educational goals




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