240 East 109th Street, NY, NY 10029

East Harlem

"NYC Haunts" TaleBlazer "middle school"

Global Kids, Inc.
Seventh and eighth grade students created six games sited inside or around their school, Global Neighborhood Secondary, in East Harlem. The sequential, linear games created on the platform TaleBlazer ranged from treks to rescue the principal from the zombie apocalypse, to gather resources and survivors of a plane crash, and to investigate the case of the missing sixth graders.
In the second semester of their year-long elective class, students will begin a NYC Haunts project that explores local history and current issues elsewhere in their school's neighborhood.
To play the games that youth created at this site, go to the TaleBlazer app on your mobile device and type in the following game codes: 

Sneaker Game: gvmvqho
Lost and Found Game: gcnjywm
The Global Hunt: gxlitmw
Zombie Apocalypse: gwogyyg
Da' Youngin's: gypkcib




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