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"TaleBlazer" "Bryant High School"

The youth at Bryant High School's game, "Life of a Queens Teen: Daniella's Journey" won an honorable mention at Emoti-Con 2015.

Don't just take our word for it! The game designers from Bryant, working with trainer Neha Gautam, put together a narrated slide show of images from the awesome day:

Emoti-Con 2015 from NehaGautam on Vimeo.

From the game:
"You have known Daniella all your life. Unfortunately both her dad and mom have lost their jobs in the past year. She is caught in the middle of a huge financial crisis. As a result, she joined an unhealthy, destructive group of teenagers. She needs your help to connect with the positive people she has known for years. Good Luck!

Daniella is NOT the only teenager who deserves to be supported. ALL teenagers, ALL people are protected under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)."
Game Page: http://taleblazer.org/game/gamePage/3112
Game Code: glwarzm




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