Emerald St and Loring Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Spring Creek

superfund VOCs "vapor intrusion" CVOCs

Public Development Corp.
Site Description[1]
The Spring Creek parcel comprises a three city block area situated approximately midway between Belt Parkway and Conduit Boulevard and is one block south of Linden Boulevard. The entire three block site previously consisted of scattered piles of construction debris partially exposed at the surface. Debris included concrete rubble, assorted refuse, scrap metals, plastics, junk cars and rusted surficial drums. Two of the three blocks were cleared and low income housing has been erected. These units were occupied in 1989. Test pit excavations at the third section revealed buried drums and dark ash like materials. Approximately 20-25 drums or rusted empty drum remnants were observed within area 3. Two samples exhibited hazardous characteristics. Area 3 is presently the listed area. All the buried drums and contaminated soils have been removed from block 3. The property has been developed (1990) for multiple low income housing buildings. The buildings are fully occupied.

Site Environmental Assessment
All hazardous waste drums have been removed. Post remedial monitoring for groundwater has been completed.

Site Health Assessment
Post remedial groundwater monitoring has revealed that the low concentrations of VOCs originally detected on-site have decreased to non-detectable levels. The concentration of one VOC, specifically 1,2-dichloroethene, has remained slightly above the drinking water standard for this contaminant in all three sampling rounds. However, groundwater is not used for drinking water purposes in the area. Exposure to contaminated surficial soils is not expected to occur since the parcel has been capped. Potential exposure to contaminated sub-surface soils is not expected to occur unless subsequent on-site excavation is conducted.

Contaminants of Concern
Type of Waste Quantity

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