New Directions Secondary School 240 East 172nd Street



Global kids OLP Team

A multi-age, diverse group of elementary, middle, and high schoolers, along with adult educators collaborated to create a location-based game about local South Bronx history. Everyone rose to the challenge to complete the project in just one week.



After playing some example games and learning the elements of a game, game designers got right to work, listening intently to the stories of Global Kids staff member and former HS basketball player, Devin, who attended school on their campus a few years ago. They also conducted research about the history of the area through internet searches, community walks, and interviews with local residents. The students found out that the Bronx was plagued by arson in the 1970s, and it destroyed many homes. They learned about the efforts of young people to rebuild the community in the wake of the destruction. 




In the end, the winning game concept involved many of the researched elements: The player is Devin, a high school basketball star who is zapped back in time to the 1970s. Only a pair of magical Jordans can help him return to the year 2009 in order to play in the basketball championship. To find the shoes, he must help neighborhood people locate the items they need to rebuild the community after an arson.




Everyone's hard work paid off. Give the game it a playtest the next time you are around 170th St and the Grand Concourse. It can be found if you download the TaleBlazer app and insert the code: gbosehd


Happy time travelling!



Special thanks to the Hive Learning Network, the New York Community Trust, and the Department of Youth and Community Development for their ongoing support of this program.

To play this game that youth created at this site, go to the TaleBlazer app on your mobile device and type in the following game code: "gwmrzwm" for the version to play ONSITE and "gbosehd" for the off-site version.
The game page to copy or remix this game is:

For more information:




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