1001 E 45th street Brooklyn



Global Kids OLP Team
In this game, created by 6th graders at PS 109, you meet basketball star, Stephan Curry, who sends you on the following mission around the school building:

"Hey! I'm playing the Nets this weekend, so I'll be in Flatbush for a bit. Welcome to the neighborhood! Some students at P.S. 109 Middle School wanted me to show you around, so check this out...

...they've got five mini-games for you to play. Walk down the hallway near the Global Kids office to find the clues you need. After completing each one you'll receive an item. Collect all five to win! I'll be stepping in and out to help you along. Good luck!"
To play the game that youth created at this site, go to the TaleBlazer app on your mobile device and tyep in the following game code: gnskssg
The game page to copy or remix this game is: http://taleblazer.org/gamePage/3380

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