35-59 81st St Jackson Heights NY 11372

Jackson Heights


Global Kids OLP Team
In this game, created by youth at Renaissance Charter School in Queens, NY, you play a high school senior at the school. You have been accepted to the college of your choice. Your family can't afford to pay the money to reserve your spot at the college (the deposit). In order to pay the deposit by the end of the month, you work as a delivery person and save your tips.  You must make $20 a day to meet your goal. Make your deliveries and answer questions. If you answer the questions correctly you will get a good tip, if you don't your tip will be fair. Along the way, you will learn facts about poverty in New York City.
To play the game that youth created at this site, go to the Taleblazer app on your mobile device and type in the following game code: gougqww
The game page to copy or remix this game is: http://taleblazer.org/gamePage/3154

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