5200 1st Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Sunset Park

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5200 Enterprises Limited Corp.
Site Description[1]
This site consists of a solid masonry brick building, 240 feet in length and 100 feet in width. The building was originally constructed in the year 1900 for the City of New York as a powerhouse to provide electricity to the City owned trolley system. After the trolley system was abandoned in the 1930's, all machinery, piping and apparatus in the powerplant was dismantled. In 1950 the Empire Electric Company bought the property and the building which was used to recondition electrical apparatus (including transformers containing PCBs) and as a warehouse. The building is being secured and emptied of accumulated garbage and a remedial investigation has been initiated. The design for an Interim Removal Measure (IRM) to complete demolition of the buildings is being prepared. This will allow the investigation beneath the building to be completed.

Site Environmental Assessment
PCBs have been detected in the floor and walls in the building, the soil beneath the building and soil and groundwater outside the building.

Site Health Assessment
The floors, walls and the soil beneath the basement floor of the dilapidated on-site building are contaminated with significant levels of PCBs. Building entrances have been sealed with concrete block to prevent homeless people from living in the building and being exposured to PCBs. Testing results for upgradient and downgradient groundwater samples collected during the PSA indicate the presence of volatile organic compounds above standards for public drinking water supplies. However, exposure to the contaminated groundwater is unlikely since public water serves the area. Indoor air contamination from volatile organic compounds in the groundwater is a potential exposure pathway that will be evaluated during the upcoming investigation.

Contaminants of Concern
Type of Waste Quantity

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