Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Brooklyn Navy Yard


US Navy
Site Description[1]
Naval Station - Brooklyn is located in a flat industrial area within the New York Naval Shipyard in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, north of Flushing Avenue, between Clinton Avenue and Williamsburg Place. The East River is 1500 feet west of the site. There are two working electrical substations at the site which have three transformers employing dielectric fluid which formerly contained PCBs. Each of the substations is contained within an area surrounded by concrete walls. They are located in the northern portion of the property, adjacent to the property line. A 1987 Phase I investigation showed that the PCB content of the dielectric fluid in the transformers ranged from 250 to 590 parts per million (ppm). Transformer spills stained slabs and soil located beneath the transformers, with soil contamination ranging from 0.5 to 870 ppm. The PCB containing transformers were subsequently retrofilled. Remedial work began in the summer of 1994. This work included powerwashing the transformers and stained slabs and removing hazardous levels of PCB contaminated soils. The areas were then backfilled with crushed stone and secured. This work was concluded in the fall of 1995. Three monitoring wells were installed in the fall of 1996 to determine whether PCBs had contaminated the groundwater beneath the site at Building 7. Three rounds of groundwater samples collected in September 1996, December 1996, and March 1997, showed no detectable concentrations of PCBs. Further monitoring at this site is not warranted.

Site Environmental Assessment
The primary contaminants of concern at the site are PCB's. Due to the location and limited amounts, remaining PCB contamination in the soils will not impact the East River. Recent groundwater samples were non-detect for PCBs. Therefore, the site is not a significant environmental threat.

Site Health Assessment
The site is in a restricted former Naval base. Since the electrical transformers are located in walled courtyards with locked gates, the potential for human exposure is low. The majority of the contaminated soils have been removed and replaced with clean stone. Some contaminated soils and concrete remain directly below transformers. All PCB transformers have either been removed or retrofilled with non-PCB fluids. Area groundwater is not used for drinking as public water serves the site and the community. Post-remediation groundwater monitoring has shown no PCB contamination.

Contaminants of Concern
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