Pier 11, Atlantic Basin, Red Hook

Red Hook

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PortSide NewYork is a living lab for better urban waterways. PortSide brings WaterStories to life. 

PortSide NewYork produces and hosts WaterStories programs in arts, education, preservation, resiliency, workforce and harbor advocacy on and off our flagship, the historic tanker MARY A. WHALEN. 

Our WaterStories programs, services and advocacy show how to combine the working waterfront, public access and community development. 

PortSide brings the communities ashore and afloat together, for the benefit of all.

Building on our hurricane Sandy recovery work - which won us an award from the White House award and honors from the NYS Senate - PortSide is developing flood preparedness and resiliency programs and will curate and house a resiliency center.

Get involved and volunteer http://portsidenewyork.org/volunteer/

We are located on Pier 11, Atlantic Basin next to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in Red Hook, Brooklyn. 
Directions and visitor info http://portsidenewyork.org/visitor-info/

PortSide NewYork



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