North Side of Coney Island Creek between Stillwell Ave and Shell Rd.

Coney Island

MGP VOCs superfund "vapor intrusion"

Site Description[1]
This is the site of a former Manufactured Gas Plant that ceased operations in 1951. The operation was a carbureted water gas plant which was constructed between 1908 and 1912. The facility included two large-capacity gas holders, a station metering house, two underground and five above ground gas oil tanks, tar conditioners and seal pumps, three tar separators, four generators, a coal storage yard, pump rooms, booster and exhauster rooms, two condensers, eight purifier boxes, two relief holders, an electric tar precipitator, a tar dehydrator system, tar storage tanks, oil pumps, and drip oil tanks. From 1960 to 1966 the site was almost completely decommissioned and demolished. Some components were used for natural gas service until they were demolished in the early 1980's. The site is relatively flat and is located in a residential/commercial area of Brooklyn. The site is bordered on the south by Coney Island Creek, to the north by the MTA and an elevated portion of the Belt Parkway. To the East of the site is the Gill Hodges Little League field (now closed) and to the west are railroad tracks. Contaminated soil on the site contains high levels of benzene. The groundwater itself is a characteristic hazardous waste at three locations. It has been determined that this site poses a significant threat to the environment based upon groundwater concentrations and visible sheen emanating from the site into Coney Island Creek. This site is being investigated and remediated under an Order on Consent with Keyspan (National Grid). An interim remedial measure (IRM) has been implemented to control the discharge of non aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) to Coney Island Creek. A Record of Decision (ROD) for Operable Unit 1 (OU1) was signed in March 2001. The ROD for Coney Island Creek, designated as OU2 of the site, was signed in March 2002. OU2 work includes removal of contaminated sediments form the creek. A third OU was created to recognize final capping and related work for the OU1 portion of the site to take place at the conclusion of the Creek remediation. Installation of the sheet pile wall around OU1 was completed in May 2004. The design for the OU2 and OU3 work was approved in February of 2006 and remedial construction of OU2 and OU3 began in January 2007. Dredging of the creek sediments was completed January 2008, and the on-site excavation and cap was completed in September 2008. Groundwater collection and treatment will be performed as an element of site management.

Site Environmental Assessment
Highly contaminated material including; LNAPLs and possibly DNAPLs were identified on site as a result of former gas manufacturing operations. Groundwater was significantly impacted and NAPL had been discharging to Coney Island Creek. Also, tars were present in the sediments of Coney Island Creek. Remediation completed in 2008 removed contaminated sediments from the creek and the upland source material that had threatened the environment. Remaining contamination will be controlled by a long-term containment and capping system and groundwater extraction and treatment within the containment area.

Site Health Assessment
Ingestion of contaminated groundwater is not expected as public water serves the area. Surface soils contaminated with lead were previously removed. Coal-tar contaminated material is being removed and will prevent future direct contact exposures in the future. A leachate collection system and double-boom system were installed to prevent seepage into the adjacent Coney Island Creek. The selected remedy for the creek (dredging) will address potential direct contact with contaminated sediments. Fish from the creek maybe affected by site contaminants, however, existing fish advisories for the Lower Bay of New York Harbor (which includes Coney Island Creek) are in place and exposures to potential site-related contaminants in fish are not expected if people heed the advisories.

Contaminants of Concern
Type of Waste Quantity
  1. DEC Environmental Site Remediation Database.  Site Name: "K - Former Brooklyn Borough Gas Works".

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