192 Ralph Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11233

Bedford Stuyvesant

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Site Description[1][2] 
The site is a one story building that includes a basement and is approximately 20 feet by 20 feet in size (~ 0.009 acres), which is also a portion of the Voluntary Cleanup Project site known as 192 Ralph Avenue (V00669) where former dry cleaning operations occurred. The site is a small portion of the parcel that is identified on the New York City tax map as Section 6, Block 1678, Lot 53. The surrounding land uses are residential and commercial, with a church to the east of the site on the opposite side of Ralph Avenue. A dry cleaner operated on the site from approximately 1946 to 1998. The concrete floor in the basement was removed as the result of the Initial Subsurface Investigation during 2002. The contamination identified at the site appears to be associated with the former dry-cleaning facility operation. Completed investigations include a Subsurface Investigation (2002), a Remedial Investigation (2006), and a Supplemental Investigation (December 2007) conducted under the Voluntary Cleanup Program. Samples collected from the site building and from the adjacent commercial and residential buildings indicate soil vapor is impacting indoor air. Under the Voluntary Cleanup Program a mitigation system consisting of installation of Soil Vapor Extraction System beneath the former dry-cleaners, and adjacent management office, and installation of a vapor barrier in the basement of the former dry-cleaners to minimize the potential vapor intrusion was completed in January 2008. Additional investigation is currently underway. The volunteer under the VCP program elected not to conduct the off-site investigation and remediation. Therefore, the portion of the Voluntary Cleanup Project (site V00669), where the former dry cleaner operated, has officially been listed in the Registry of Inactive Hazardous Waste Disposal sites in New York State.

Site Environmental Assessment
Investigations conducted at the site confirm that chlorinated solvent contamination is present in the basement area where the former dry-cleaner operated from about 1946 to 1998. Contaminants of concern are tetrachloroethylene (PCE), Trichlorethylene (TCE), and its breakdown products which were detected in soil, soil gas, indoor air, and groundwater and exceed standards, criteria and guidance levels. PCE has been detected on-site with concentrations up to 344 ppm in soil, up to 10 ppm in groundwater, and up to 55,000,000 mg/m3 in soil vapor. Investigation data also indicate that contamination appears to have migrated off-site. PCE was detected at off-site locations with concentration up to 1,100,000 mg/m3 in soil vapor beneath the adjacent residential apartment building, and up to 7.10 ppm in off-site groundwater.

Site Health Assessment
Soil contaminated with tetrachloroethene (PCE) has been identified at this site. The site is located in a mixed residential and commercial neighborhood. The contaminated soil is located beneath the building and is inaccessible. Exposure to groundwater is not likely since the area is served by a public water supply. Elevated concentrations of volatile organic compounds have been identified in on-site and off-site soil vapor. On-site indoor air sampling has detected PCE above NYSDOH air guidelines. Therefore, on-site inhalation exposures via vapor intrusion is a completed exposure pathway. Soil vapor beneath the adjacent apartment building is extremely elevated. However, the data indicate that vapor intrusion is not currently occurring. Significant soil vapor concentrations have been detected migrating off-site. Therefore, off-site inhalation exposure is a potential exposure pathway.

Contaminants of Concern
Type of Waste Quantity
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