bordered by the Gowanus Canal, 3rd Ave, Sackett St, and Douglass St, Brooklyn, NY 11201


MGP superfund VOCs "vapor intrusion"

NYC Dept of Parks and Recreation and other unidentified parties.
Site Description[1]
The site is comprised of commercial and industrial properties in an urban area and includes Thomas Greene Playground and Pool. The site is surrounded by mixed use parcels, including commercial, industrial, and multiple family residential properties. A DER lead site characterization was initiated in February 2007. This covered only the portion of the siteoccupied by Thomas Greene Playground. Significant levels of tar contamination were detected beneath the western 2/3 of the park, currently occupied by a swimming pool and handball court. The tree-lined area to the east appears to be unimpacted. Field work in one of the remaining parcels began in July 2008. Access issues will determine the schedule for the rest of the RI.

Site Environmental Assessment
The site is the confirmed location of a historic MGP. MGPs have known onsite byproducts of DNAPL and purifier waste. The materials are made up of BTEX, PAHs, and cyanide. The DNAPL causes contravention of both groundwater and soil SCGs. The site is also adjacent to the East River and several public and private buildings, including residences. DNAPL is known to migrate into surface water bodies, contaminating sediment. The BTEX components are also known to contribute to soil vapor issues.

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