Bordered by the East River, Kent Ave, N 11th St, and N 12th St, Brooklyn, NY


"garbage trucks" MGP superfund VOCs "vapor intrusion"

NYC Dept of Parks and Recreation
Site Description[1]
The Williamsburg Works manufactured gas plant operated on the site from at least 1887 to 1916, according to Sanborn Fire Insurance maps. A 1978 Sanborn map shows the site occupied by a New York City Sanitation Garage which was demolished in 2008 to make way for Bushwick Inlet Park

Site Environmental Assessment
MGPs have known onsite by products of DNAPL and purifier waste. The materials are made up of BTEX, PAHs, and cyanide. The DNAPL causes contravention of both groundwater and soil SCGs. The site is also adjacent to the East River and several public and private buildings, including residences. DNAPL is known to migrate into surface water bodies, contaminating sediment. The BTEX components are also known to contribute to soil vapor issues. There are already reports of tar seeping into the East River and tar has been found on an adjacent property.

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