260 East Sydney Street, Philadelphia, PA 19119

East Mt Airy of Philadelphia


A residential development project presented by East Mt Airy Neighbors and City Council Woman Donna Reed Miller in City of Philadelphia
Industrial History
What was the Redding Railroad is now the Sedgwick train stop.  Previously the site of several railroad loading/unloading facilities that handled coal in addition to other freight.  The site has a history of leaking gas tanks for coal trucks. Also, the site of the headwater springs of Wingohocking Creek.  Later a history of dumping of hydraulic fluids and oil wastes and unknown solvents directly into soil next to creek area when the site became a construction and automotive yard. 

The city of Philadelphia zoned the area for residential development without proper brownfield investigation or clean up. A full history of site was never considered during zoning or planing. No investigation was conducted regarding the possible migration of the toxic plume, vapor intrusion, or other public health issues. Many of the people living near the site suffered severe environmental exposure when the land was first excavated for development.  One neighbor is still displaced from home after 3 years and there has been no response from the city of Philadelphia in spite of the fact that the developer admitted that there was contaminated soil on site.  The city of Philadelphia refuses to reveal information regarding toxics in the soil to neighbor's doctors or to the EPA.  The city of Philadelphia has failed to inform the community that this is a contaminated site or engage them in a transparent decision making process as stakeholders whose health is directly affected by redevelopment.

Current Status
The townhouse development is half finished and at a stand still and no responsibility has been taken by city of Philadelphia for what is potentially a serious health hazard. The original polluters are known and have been reported to the DA and the Office of Inspector General. No action has been taken. The project was pitched by members of City Council and staff. The political arm of Philadelphia has refused to take responsibility for the harm done and cover up the problem from the public and continues to cause potential health hazards for public.

Sign the petition

The refusal of the city to inform or protect the neighbors of the toxins they were being exposed to inspired this Bill of Rights to state that it is Every Persons right to know the Health of the Air , Soil and Water.  It can be signed by anyone even though it originated in Philadelphia, www.motherlaw.com.

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