Gowanus Canal



City of New York county of Brooklyn
Gowanus Canal is located in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn, it's been know as a corparate waste dump for company's like Exxon. People that live in the area are heavily affected by the dump that's thrown in. In present time the City of New York doesn't see a purpose of cleaning the waste up because in a project that will cost billion of dollars to remove not only this but the removal of this black mayonaise that is currently in the canal is consistant of coal and tar together the substances are very toxic. Though it's very toxic people still are trying to find ways to build real eastate and grow a community over the canal though the products in the canal are not good for the human development and all other living things that are suppose to thrive in these places. In the future people thinking of moving the black mayonaise to queens but there's really no way of getting rid of the product of corporate waste.




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