The Harlem Creek is a result of two tributaries that fed into the Harlem Creek. One originated just west of Central Park around 90th Street and flowed northeast. The second tributary flowed from the north-west and was the principal waterflow that formed the Harlem Creek. Then the combines streams flowed into the Harlem River. The former Harlem Creek and its watershed were covered and drained by combined sewers within the sewershed of the Ward’s Island Water Pollution Control Plan, the shoreline was then extened and wetlands were filled in. Affects of the creek still exist that area is especially prone to flooding due to its low elevation, this was seen during hurricane sandy. The creek is also affected during heavy rainstorms when rainwater an sewage mix and the result is that the sewage plants cannot handle the volume of water and sewage is diverted to the river. In the future activists hope to raise awareness of CSO and help figure out ways to treat or divert rainwater and sewage.

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