central park

central park



Past- The central park resevior was used to bring water from the croten dam, and flow out through the north and south gates to give water to peoples homes. The way it was built was so that way it would look like the water had flowed there on its own rather than looking like a man made object. The Resviour was very useful to the city in the past because it provided the city with a direct source of water.

Present- At the moment the central park reseviour isnt being used for anything because the city is getting sustainable water from its other sources. It is now being used for recriational purposes and people spend their time either walking around it or running maybe even taking picutres, but the resviour can be turned bavck on and be used if the city is in crisis and needs it.

Future- The resviour is going to stay the same because the technology we use in the future will be more advanced and we would be upgrading our larger reseviours upstate to their full potential so that more water can be brought into the city.

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