Gowanus Canal


gowanus, canal


Past - A canal used for shipping goods in and out of Brooklyn, the Gowanus Canal was a prospering new waterfront. This good was not for long, however, as factories by the canal dumped waste profusely. This makes our present day city worse.

Present - The nasty and polluted Gowanus Canal is one of the most fatally polluted areas in the country, and holds the #1 spot in the city. The canal is harmful for the city, and prevents it from prospering to its full extent.

Future - Architects and community leaders are making a push for more "porous" infrastructure. This infrastructure will reduce CSO by absorbing stormwater that would otherwise combine with sewage, polluting the Gowanus Canal further. Also, as a superfund site, the canal has a cleanup plan set by the federal government, and will allow the waterfront to be a place for the entire community to enjoy. The new, clean, waterfront would better our city.






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