Harlem Meer

Central Park

harlem, creek


Past - The Harlem Creek was a lowland salt marsh in Northeast Manhattan that originally connected to the East River. A natural resource, the creek sustained wildlife, early settlers, and native peoples. The creek added to the already thriving natural life, making for a healthier environment, and a better potential city.

Present - The location where the Harlem Creek used to reside is now composed of residential housing, mostly buildings over 5 stories high. Some of the creek has been preserved, though in the sense that there is a large underground sewer flowing where the Harlem Creek was. Because the location is a low elevation, the housing built is susceptible to flooding from natural disasters like hurricanes. This, combined with the fact that tides are rising annually means a more disasterous situation for the city.

Future - Volunteers and community leaders are creating ideas to better raise awareness of the NYC sewer system, which includes the Harlem Creek. This awareness would benefit the city in future changes.






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