11 Bartlett Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206


Pfizer brownfield school

Previously part of the Pfizer Flushing Ave headquarters complex, the building is still owned by Pfizer but is currently leased to the City for $1 a year and houses the Beginning with Children Charter School.  The school was established in 1989 with approximately half a million dollars in support from Pfizer.  With revenues of over $48 billion in 2007, Pfizer ranks as the world's largest pharmaceutical company.  In 1849, Pfizer launched their chemicals business from a building on this block.
Site Description[2]
Pfizer decommissioned the Citric Block Site for future redevelopment and/or beneficial use. As part of the decommissioning process, most of the Citric Block Site buildings were demolished, with demolition activities being completed in August 1995. The Citric Block Site was originally developed for chemical manufacturing between 1854 and 1888. It operated continuously until 1985 and was demolished in 1995. According to the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation, the site was to be capped by either the existing concrete slab or by new pavement and this cap was to prevent any direct exposure of future users of the property to fill material. Institutional controls, involving deed restrictions, have been implemented. The property can be used for industrial/commercial usage. The Site Management Plan requires proper management of all future subgrade construction activities and proper notification to the DEC.

Site Environmental Assessment
The contaminants of concern were mercury and lead.  The site has been cleaned up. Post remedial groundwater monitoring was satisfactory.

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