630 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206



With revenues of over $48 billion in 2007, Pfizer ranks as the world's largest pharmaceutical company.  Established in 1849, Pfizer launched their chemicals business from a building just across the street from 630 Flushing, located at the intersection of Harrison Ave and Bartlett St.
imageExterior of Pfizer's Flushing Ave Plant
The 600,000 square foot facility manufactures some of Pfizer's biggest blockbuster drugs, including Zoloft, Cardura XL, and Zyrtec.  At the beginning of 2008 Pfizer announced that it will be closing down its Flushing Ave pharmaceutical plant and laying off the 600 workers employed there.  Pfizer has indicated that they will redevelop the 15 acres of land they own in the area as housing and commercial space.  In the mid 1980's Pfizer closed down sections of its former Flushing Ave headquarters complex and redeveloped the land with middle and low-income housing. 

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