158 Sterling Road, Toronto ON M6R 2B2


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Tower Automotive Building. 
Sterling Road in Toronto primarily consists of old warehouse and factory buildings, along with the Toronto Rail Path. The Tower Automotive Building was part of an aluminum factory, built in 1919 closed 2006. 

Northern Aluminum opened in Toronto in 1902, and by 1919 it built this new, larger plant in West Toronto. At the time, the 10 story industrial tower was one of the tallest structures in the city, as well as having the first elevator in Canada [speculated]. A foundry was later added into the plant in 1937 and operations expanded. Over 60 years later (2000), Tower Automotive acquires Algoods Inc, which at the time made heat shields and impact discs for DaimlerChrysler. During 2005, the city of Toronto designates the 10 story tower a heritage building, and Tower Automotive files for Chapter 11. The plant finally closes for good during 2006 and the machinery is auctioned in 2007. 
Castlepoint Development purchases the site and plans to turn it into major movie studio with Pinewood Studios Group as the primary tenant [still pending].[1]
[1] http://www.aotu.ca/buildings/tower/index.html




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