29-13 23rd Ave, Astoria, NY 11105

Astoria (Ditmars)

organic local fair-trade independently-owned

Occupant: Zoumberakis Corporation
Fresh Start is a natural and organic grocery store and cafe, seemingly the only one of its kind in the Ditmars area.  It opened in the Fall of 2006, and has arguably become a neighborhood favorite in the years since.  It offers breakfast, soups, salads, wraps, sandwiches, burgers, side salads and desserts, all prepared on the premises, using organic ingredients.  There is a fairly wide selection of grocery items, considering Fresh Start's small space, and these items are a variety (and sometimes combination) of natural, organic, fairly-traded, imported, and local goods.  Local grocery items include white eggs from upstate New York and Back 2 Nature freshly-baked breads.  The Hellgate CSA is held in the backyard eating area of Fresh Start one Tuesday per month.

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