Stillwell Avenue and Surf Avenue

Coney Island

"Solar Energy" "NYC Energy"

New York City Transit

Thomas Abdallah
(646) 252-3500
In 2005, this custom BIPV system made of 2,730 amorphous silicon opaque thin-film photovoltaic solar modules from SCHOTT Solar, Inc. was installed. With 41,000 square feet of active PV panels, it is the largest solar powered train station in the world, as well as the first subway station to use solar energy. It is also one of (if not the) largest thin-film Building-Integrated (BI) PV solar installation in the world. It has a capacity of 250,000 kW/yr, a rated output of 199kW at peak, and an actual peak output of approximately 160 kW. The energy generated by the PV system provides between 12 and 18% of the Terminal’s power needs (except traction power to pull the trains) and can be roughly translated into a reduction of 113 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually (if this energy were generated using conventional methods). The semi-transparency of the thin-film PV’s as well as the areas of clear glass surrounding each module allow 20%–25% of daylight to pass through to reach the platforms thus reducing the need for electrical lighting during the daytime.

•Green Building Competition for New York City in 2006
•Building Brooklyn Awards in 2005; Category/title: Public Works
•AIA/COTE Top Ten Green Projects in 2007; Category/title: Honorable Mention
•Association of Energy Engineers (NY Chapter) in 2007: Renewable Energy Project of the Year

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