Owl's Head

Bay Ridge

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New York City owns the Owl's Head Sewage Treatment Facility which is operated by the Department of Environmental Protection under the administration of the Bureau of Water and Sewer Operations.
In operation since: 1952
Capacity: 120 MGD
Dewatering: Wards Island
Population Served: 758,007
Drainage Area: 12,947 Acres
Plant Staff: 68

Foul smells from the Owl's Head Sewage Treatment Facility fill the Bay Ridge air when it gets warm.  Sometimes The Owl's Head Water Pollution Control Plant gets over flooded and it's not able to clean everything out of our sewage.  "It happens anytime you get a hard rainfall," said Bob Connaught on, one of the plant’s engineers. "Sometimes all it takes is 20 minutes of rain, and you’ve got overflows across Brooklyn."

When the water overflows because of the rain, the system that cleans up the water, cannot deal with every little thing that gets into it, so it becomes dirty water. Some of this dirty water makes its way to public beaches.  This is a big problem even though our water system is one of the cleanest. During the 1970s and 1980s, Congress distributed more than $60 billion to cities to make sure that what goes into toilets, industrial drains and street grates would not endanger human health. But even with those upgrades, many sewer systems are still frequently overwhelmed, according to a New York Times analysis of environmental data. As a result, sewage is spilling into waterways.

There are many things people can do help reduce the impact of sewage overflows. People can stop throwing things in the toilet that don’t need to be flushed, such as pills, condoms, etc. People can only flush the toilet when they do #2. Another thing people can do is reuse, recycle, reduce.  That will be a big help to prevent pollution and contamination.


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