336 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Washington Park

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New York Permaculture Exchange

The Event:

"An annual event at the Old Stone House in Washington Park / JJ Byrne Playground (3rd St at 4th Ave, Brooklyn).  
Always the first weekend after Halloween.

Children chop their old jack-o-lanterns and mix them with shredded leaves from the park to create compost for our partnership gardens.
Students study the compost activity throughout the school year and present the results at the annual science fair.

Our state-o- the-art  bins were built with the cooperation of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden's compost program with funding assistance by IOBY.  Thanks to Open Road NY for design ideas and Jon Pope for excellent craftsmanship!"[1] 

  1.  New York Permaculture Exchange. <http://permaculture-exchange.org/compost-o-rama>. Accessed 8.15.2011

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