1650 Richmond Avenue, Staten Island, NY, 10314

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Site Description[1]
The Site is located in a suburban area of Richmond County (Staten Island) just to the west of the intersection of Richmond Avenue and Victory Boulevard. The site is a shopping center with 3 attached and 1 detached building. Surrounding uses include commercial property to the east and south, detached residential houses to the south and west, and a school and church are to the north. One of the units within the shopping center is and has been a dry cleaning business for approximately 30 years. Previous investigations include a hazardous substances survey and report (1994), a Phase I ESA (2004), a Limited subsurface investigation (2004), and a Site Assessment Report (2004). A Remedial Investigation work plan was approved in May of 2006 and a Supplemental Investigation Proposal was approved in July 2006. The Supplemental Investigation has been completed. The RIR and RAWP have been approved.

Site Environmental Assessment
The primary contaminants of concern at the Site are tetrachloroethene and its breakdown compounds. Investigations to date have shown soil and groundwater along the northern site boundary are contaminated with these compounds in exceedance of SCGs. A Supplemental Investigation has been completed, which included groundwater, soil, sub-slab, indoor air and soil gas measurements at the Church and School to the north of the site. Results confirm PCE and TCE concentrations in soil on and off site that exceed SCGs, groundwater off-site that exceeds SCGs and soil vapor off-site that exceeds SCGs. An RAWP has been approved which consists of soil excavation and in-situ groundwater treatment.

Site Health Assessment
Groundwater beneath the Dry-Cleaners is contaminated with volatile organic compounds(VOCs), primarily tetrachloroethene (PCE), at levels above NYS groundwater standards. There are no active public water supply wells within a one mile radius of the site and public exposure to contaminated groundwater is unlikely because all businesses and residences are supplied by public water. Exposure to contaminated soil is not expected since the site is covered by buildings and is paved. The vapor intrusion investigation determined that soil vapor intrusion is not occurring at structures on or adjacent to the site.

Contaminants of Concern

Type of Waste Quantity
ETHENE, 1,2, Cis-Dichloro UNKNOWN

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