South of Amboy Road along Arden Ave., Staten Island, 10312


Superfund VOCs "Vapor Intrusion"

M&L Associates and Arden Woods Estates Inc.
Site Description[1]
The site is located in a highly populated residential area in Staten Island. The property is bounded on the north by the Staten Island Rapid Transit Railway, on the east by Woods of Arden Road, on the west by Sequine Place and the south by Amboy Road. Buried drums were discovered by a contractor while excavating for a sewer line. As part of an Interim Remedial Measure (IRM) in 1987, over 900 drums were uncovered and removed from the site. Additional groundwater investigations and off-site soil investigations comprising a Remedial Investigation (RI) were completed in 1990. Further soil tests were recommended for this site to ascertain the characteristics of the backfilled soil. A workplan for a detailed investigation of the backfilled soil was approved in 1993. This investigation indicated that on-site contaminants are present in the backfilled soils at levels that exceed the standards for volatile and semivolatile compounds. A soil vapor extraction system pilot study was undertaken and was not effective. The NYSDEC has prepared a Record of Decision (ROD) for this site. The ROD calls for excavation of the upper layer (0 - 15 feet) of contaminated soil and disposal off site, and a long term monitoring program and institutional controls. The Remedial Design was completed. In 2002, the property was sold to a developer who instituted the approved design. Contaminated soils have been excavated and transported off-site for disposal. Excavated areas have been backfilled with clean soil. A quarterly groundwater monitoring program was instituted and indicated no site related groundwater contamination.

Site Environmental Assessment

Site soils were contaminated with petroleum related compounds, PCBs and metals (lead). The contamination existed in two layers as from surface to 15 foot depths and from 35 to 50 feet depths. ROD has been implemented. Upper layer (surface to 15 feet depths) of contaminated soils have been removed. Residual contamination in deeper soils from 35 to 50 feet depths still remain at the property. Groundwater monitoring indicated no site related contamination. Deed restrictions are in-place. The Department has plans to conduct soil vapor investigations.

Site Health Assessment
Contaminated soil has been removed and replaced with clean fill. Residual contamination is at depth and exposures are unlikely. Very low levels of contaminants remain in groundwater. Human exposures to groundwater are unlikely since the area is supplied with municipal water.

Contaminants of Concern

Type of Waste Quantity

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