Richmond Avenue & Platinum Avenue, Staten Island, NY, 10314

Heartland Village

Superfund VOCs CVOCs "Vapor Intrusion"

R Pergament - trustee of Murray Pergament
Site Description[1]
The site consists of an approximately 1 acre section in the eastern portion of the 18 acre Pergament Mall. This developed land is bounded by Richmond Avenue to the west, Platium Ave. to the north, a residential condominium development to the east, and Yukon Avenue to the south. The New York City Department of Sanitation's Fresh Kills Landfill lies approximately 200 yards west. A Consent Order for a Remedial Investigation/ Feasibility Study (RI/FS) was executed, pursuant to which an RI was conducted. The NYSDEC issued a Record of Decision (ROD) in July 2001 that calls for No Further Action with continued groundwater monitoring. A new consent order was negotiated to implement a groundwater monitoring plan. An OM&M work plan calling for quarterly groundwater sampling is in place and quarterly monitoring continues under the OM&M program.

Site Environmental Assessment

Tetrachloroethene (PCE) was spilled or disposed at the rear of Corniche Dry Cleaners. Soil sampling in this area done in September of 1987, revealed PCE at 2,736 ppb. Groundwater samples taken during the June 1992 Phase II Investigation, revealed the presence of PCE at 4,100 ppb, trichloroethene at 160 ppb, and trans-1,2-dichloroethene at 320 ppb in one downgradient groundwater well. These levels contravene the 5 ppb class GA standard applicable to each of these contaminants. A Consent Order for a Remedial Investigation/ Feasibility Study (RI/FS) was executed, pursuant to which an RI was conducted. The RI confirmed previous findings. Further investigation was done to determine if there were any DNAPL sources present as residual or free phase contamination that was causing the groundwater contamination. The various investigations have now concluded that there are no source areas remaining, and the groundwater contamination is expected to attenuate over a reasonable time period. Soil contaminated by chlorinated solvents was found in the area of the site. Elevated levels of these solvents were also found in soil gas and in the groundwater. The source was removed by the owners prior to DEC's involvement. Currently, total chlorinated volatile organic compounds (CVOCs) in any well are approximately 1 ppm. Remedial actions taken to date have adequately addressed significant threat posed by the contamination. Ongoing monitoring will continue to assess this threat.

Site Health Assessment
In December 2000, indoor air at the shopping plaza where this site is located was tested for volatile organic compounds at nine locations. Site-related contaminants were not detected at levels of concern in these samples. Most of the site is covered by structures or pavement so direct contact exposure with soils are unlikely. The groundwater is contaminated with elevated levels of tetrachloroethene. The area is served by municipal water and there are no private wells in use, therefore, ingestion of contaminated groundwater is unlikely.

Contaminants of Concern
Type of Waste Quantity

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