Seguine Avenue & Johnston Terrace, Staten Island ,NY, 10309

Prince's Bay

Superfund VOCs "vapor intrusion"

Muss Development Co.
Site Description[1]
This site is located in southeastern Staten Island on Sequine Point and is surrounded on the southeast by Raritan Bay and on the southwest by Prince's Bay. The site is bounded by Sequine Avenue, Johnston Terrace, and Holton Avenue. In 1854 this location became the Palm Oil Processing Plant. Over its history it was used as a drainpipe manufacturing plant and later a dental supply manufacturer. During the latter period, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), engines, compressors, syringes, gold solders, and dental filling materials were produced on-site. By the 1940s, molded plastic products were also produced. The marsh and creek north of the factory complex were used for dumping the wastes and debris from the plastic moldings. The present owners, Muss Development Corporation, converted the buildings in 1970 into a shopping complex that was active until 1983. Sampling indicated the presence of PCBs and heavy metals in the sediment of Lemon Creek. A Remedial Investigation / Feasibility Study (RI/FS) to characterize the site's contamination has been completed. The Record of Decision (ROD) calls for the division of the site into two Operable Units (OUs) and delisting a portion of the property. All hazardous and contaminated soils from units 1 and 2 have been excavated and transported off-site for proper disposal. The construction of the new Lemon Creek stream has been completed. A total of 3,200 tons of contaminated soils were excavated and transported off site for disposal. Old Lemon Creek was excavated and backfilled with clean soil. The grade of the entire property has been raised by more than four feet with clean soils. Revetment has been constructed along the Prince's Bay side. OM&M has been completed and the Site has been removed from the Registry of Inactive Hazardous Waste Sites. The property is being redeveloped for luxury homes.

Site Environmental Assessment
There are no environmental problems associated with waste remaining at this site. Institutional controls are in place to prevent any potential health and safety problems resulting from any future excavations. Developer has started construction of luxury homes.

Site Health Assessment
Removal of PCBs, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and volatile organic compound (VOCs) contaminated soil hot spots have been completed. Residual soil contamination was covered with clean fill, reducing the potential for direct contact exposure to contaminants in soils. The homes in the area are served by public water.

Contaminants of Concern

Type of Waste Quantity

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