44 Canal Street, Staten Island , NY, 10304



Site Description[1] 
The site is situated approximately 0.1 mile west of the Stapleton Homeport (former location of the Navy NE Surface Action Group) and is located in the Stapleton Section of Staten Island, New York City. The Navy purchased the properties along Front Street during the 1980s in anticipation of making the area a parking lot for Homeport employees. Since the Homeport was decommissioned prior to construction of the lots, the area was left with various buildings and structures remaining. In an effort to transfer the properties, the Navy has investigated all of the vacant lots to determine what areas need further work (i.e. additional sampling, cleanup, etc.). Parcel P15 was formerly used as an auto repair shop and has a vacant two-story building on site. Behind the building there is a small open area. Heavy staining was observed on the first floor of the building as well as on the ground surface to the rear. Subsequent sampling revealed contamination of soils, groundwater and building surfaces with lead. A Removal Action was undertaken in the Spring/Summer of 1996 consisting of soil removal, sump removal, powerwashing building walls and general debris removal. Confirmatory samples show that the levels of lead remaining on-site (which are beneath 1 - 6' of clean fill) are non-hazardous. Further excavation to remove the remaining soils with elevated lead levels was not possible due to the partial collapse of an adjacent building.

Site Environmental Assessment
The primary contaminant of concern at this site was lead, in soil and groundwater, and on building surfaces. A removal action conducted at the site has removed all hazardous waste. The site is not a significant environmental threat and was delisted from the Registry.

Site Health Assessment
On-site soil and groundwater were contaminated with lead. Contaminated soils were excavated and confirmatory samples indicated that the levels of lead remaining in on-site soils are nonhazardous. Exposure to contaminated groundwater is not expected since public water serves the area, and the groundwater flows toward the Atlantic Ocean.

Contaminants of Concern

Type of Waste Quantity

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