25 & 40 Willow Ave, Staten Island, NY 10305


Superfund MGP "Vapor Intrusion" VOCs BTEX

Site Description[1]
The Former Clifton MGP site occupies two parcels at the intersection of Bay Street and Willow Avenue in the Clifton section of Staten Island, Richmond County, New York. The site is separated into two operable units as described below: Operable unit, (OU-1) for this site is the location of a former gas holder. Current land use is as an active gas regulating gate station. OU-1 is located on the 40 Willow Avenue parcel of the Former Clifton MGP Site. A Record of Decision was completed for this unit in March of 2004. The OU-2 parcel is a 3.5-acre parcel bounded to the northeast by Bay Street; to the south by Willow Avenue, and to the northwest by a wooded embankment and an associated active railroad right-of-way (ROW). The OU-2 parcel was the location of the gas manufacturing facility and is currently owned by the National Grid and is zoned for manufacturing. The surrounding area of both operable units is characterized by a combination of urban residential, industrial and commercial uses. The nearest residential areas fronting Lynhurst Ave. is located immediately south of the 40 Willow Ave. parcel (OU-1). Site investigation has determined that the site soils and groundwater are contaminated from the operation of the former MGP. Remedial investigation (RI) for OU-1 is complete and a ROD was issued in 2004. The ROD for OU-2 was issued in 2006. OU2 design activities are currently under way.

Site Environmental Assessment
The primary contaminants of concern are BTEX and PAHs compounds in soil and groundwater resulting from the coal tar contamination associated with operation of the former MGP. Tar has spread vertically to depths of roughly 120-130 feet beneath OU1, and to a lesser extent from OU-2. Lateral tar movement has also been noted at OU-1, with a thin seam of tar present beneath 8 adjacent homes on Lyndhurst Avenue. This seam is located at depth, with clean groundwater above it, and has been found to pose no risk to the homes. BTEX and PAHs compounds detected at the site are known to exceed standards, criteria and guidance. An IRM to remove lead contaminated soil from residential backyards was completed; however, some areas were not included due to physical access issues. No known special resources are impacted by site contamination.

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