286 Richmond Valley Road, Staten Island, NY 10307


VCP brownfield

Site Description[1] 
The site is located in the western part of Staten Island south of the Outerbridge Crossing. The site is bordered by tidal wetlands to the east and west, to the north by Richmond Valley Rd. (residential and commercial), the south by Nassau Place (residential) and the Staten Island Railroad. Mill Creek runs east-west across the property and divides the site. Page Avenue runs through the site. Between 1900 and the 1970's, portions of the site which had been low lying areas were filled with various materials. The site had such activities as lead refining and copper smelting. In the 1990's a building was constructed on the northern portion of the site for electroplating manufacturing but all industrial operations ceased in 2001. All of the old buildings have been demolished. An investigation was completed in 1998 and a remedial action work plan was finalized in January 2002. The goal of the remediation is to encapsulate the hazardous fill and to minimize human and environmental exposure pathways. The remediation of the site will consist of the following: encapsulation of the upland areas of the site; placement of a bulkhead on the southern bank of Mill Creek (between Arthur Kill Road and Page Avenue); bank stabilization (using geotextiles and a soil cap) of the northern bank of Mill Creek; removal of one foot of contaminated sediment from Mill Creek (to be stabilized and placed on-site); capping of sediment in Mill Creek with one foot of clean sediment; and implementation of a deed restriction. Since hazardous wastes will be left on site (encapsulated) and continuous monitoring will be required, the Site will be listed on the New York State Registry of Inactive Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites as a Class 4 at the time remedial work is satisfactorily completed. The mobilization for remediation began in September 2006. Dredging of Mill Creek is taking place during a dredge window imposed from the Army Corps of Engineers. An additional season of dredging is required and will take place starting in October 2008. Placement of geotextile is complete. Asphalt paving and wetland planting will take place in spring 2008. Projected completion of the remediation is March 2009.

Site Environmental Assessment
The site has a significant volume of hazardous waste. Approximately 400,000 cu yd of soil is contaminated with hazardous levels of metals, primarily lead. The sediment in Mill Creek also contains high levels of metals. Remediation will include dredging of the creek and encapsulation of the upland portions of the site.

Site Health Assessment

Exposure to contaminated groundwater by ingestion is not expected since public water serves the entire area. Lead-contaminated soils across the entire site were either removed or covered with a geotextile barrier and asphalt pavement thereby eliminating the potential for direct exposure to low-level contaminants remaining at the site.

Contaminants of Concern

Type of Waste Quantity
Hazardous Substances UNKNOWN

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